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GRAFF's Kitchen Faucets | Design Source

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home, not only because it is the space in which food for the home is being made but also because it represents one of the places in which families gather together every day.

To meet the different requests coming from the market GRAFF is offering a wide range of kitchen faucets with different sizes and functions. They range from very tall single hole mixers like Conical and Oscar, to shorter faucets like M.E.

GRAFF offers a wide range of faucets in contemporary style like Manhattan, Conical, M.E. and Sospiro; in traditional style like Bollero and Retro as well as faucets in timeless designs like Tuscany and Duxbury, which can cater to varied architectural requirements. GRAFF’s offering includes a selection of 15 different kitchen faucets with double stream function pull-out or side sprays.

For kitchens with less available space as well as for the bar area, GRAFF has developed a smaller version of most of its faucets, like Infinity, Sospiro and Vista.

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