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GRAFF's Thermostatic Shower System | ACE Update Magazine

GRAFF launches thermostatic units for spa-like shower experience

GRAFF, the worldwide manufacturer of innovative faucet and showers systems, adds another milestone in wellness with its new Thermostatic units. The Thermostatic units by GRAFF are equipped with a control button that fixes the temperature at a desired level according to your safety and comfort, preventing any accidental burn. Developed under the leading technology, the new Thermostatic Units by GRAFF run on a mechanism that guarantees the pleasure of a shower experience comparable to a private spa. To match your design and installation requirement, the new Thermostatic Units by GRAFF offer more than 20 finishes including the new ultra-resistant PVD finishes – Onyx PVD ®, OR’osa PVD ®, Polished Brass PVD and Brushed Brass PVD.

Compared to mechanical shower mixers, thermostatic elements ensure uniform temperatures during the whole shower, even when other water outlets are in use in the same house. The new Thermostatic units by GRAFF come in more improved designs, matching both classical and contemporary collections with shorter sleeves and more attractive look. The new thermostatic units are comparable with GRAFF’s recent M-series concealed sets which offer the opportunity to control up to 7 different outlets with only 3 handles and are extremely easy to install. With luxury at utmost priority, GRAFF reassures its discerning customers with top performances and innovative design.