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(Translated from German) Homely character

In close collaboration with the Swiss designer Davide Oppizzi and the Italian design studio Nespoli e Novara was for the US Sanitary Manufacturer Graff sanitary collection ,, Dressage ".

,, Dressage "means for Graff geometry, harmony and shapes. The bath of this collection consists of heat-formed ,, Corian DuPont" and is surrounded by solid wood. The tapered shape of the tub soil to provide easy access to the one and a relaxing stretch out on the other side. The head restraint is covered with stingray leather. The freestanding bathtub model is supplied with a storage area. Inlet and outlet are hidden under the body. Soil obtained by the connection of the natural plant-material wood with the innovative composite material the bathroom a homely character, coined by imaginative interior design, it is the part of Graff. The collection also includes a matching sink, a shelf, a towel rack, a set of drawers and a rotating mirror. Two other elements, a chair and a hangers to connect the design of the bathroom with other areas of the house. The solid wood is obtainable in the surfaces walnut, oak, Matt White and Wenge.