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GRAFF has LUNA, the collection of designer fittings that is more original l Design by Lulop

(Translated from Italian) GRAFF, an American company based in Milwaukee (Wisconsin, USA) and European headquarters in Florence, is recognized throughout the world for being able to "innovate in tradition," since 1922. The company distinguishes itself in the market to new ideas for the unique achievements and for unique solutions in the design of taps. Designing a product means always pushing beyond the formula of perfect balance, towards a unique harmony and functionality, starting with pure lines of the design and finish, creates a product with original quality. In this context, GRAFF has developed a special finish Steelnox®, perfectly resistant to fingerprints and with high performance. . The processing of powder coating, gives it to finish this high resistance to scratching, chipping, abrasion, corrosion, discoloration and other problems of wear. LUNA evokes a celestial form: a piece that shines with its ethereal features in the bathroom, showing its perfection; a sinuous element that floats gently on the wall. Create a jet of proportions of LUNA, with such harmony and perfection in its functionality, accounted for GRAFF a formidable challenge. The know-how and engineering capabilities of the company have led to the development of a chromium finish impeccable, s by far superior to that of the average of taps on the market, being able to ensure a high quality product. Winner of the prestigious Interior Design Best of Year Awards for the bathroom furnishing sector, LUNA is fascinating, not only for the aesthetic, even for the special mirror polished finish that gives the surface of objects in the collection a highly reflective effect. Offering aerator, the tap LUNA has a flow rate of 18 liters per minute with a pressure of 3 bar. Available with handles to the wall or floor, either in its basin, in that for the bathtub, the collection also includes an original shower column recalling the curve of the jets. The Collection LUNA is available in chrome and polished Steelnox®.


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