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GRAFF New Web Experience l Edilportale

The American brand innovates and launches the new luxury site
(translated from Italian) Communicate in a clear, intuitive and transparent; engage the user in a world of bathroom and kitchen exclusive; explain the added value of the materials, the industrial tradition and handcrafted finishes are some of the leitmotif of the new online site of GRAFF®, manufacturer recognized worldwide for the high quality of its products.

The American company is launching the world premiere of the new website, totally renewed in the image that is in the functionality to meet the needs of professionals and consumers and provide them an interactive and user friendly with the brand.
The development of the project makes the most of the images and overall visual component, taking into account both the needs of the end consumer that as of the business, in an accessible and affordable for everyone. It has a layout "full-responsive", able, that is, to adapt to any type of device on which appears to offer the best web experience both from PC and tablet and smartphone. You are currently available languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish, German and Russian.
Since homepage, structured with a style flat, and focused on content, to give maximum emphasis to the products, information and news related to the world GRAFF®, the new website transfers an image much more current and dynamic than the previous version and offers a complete overview of all the news, the editorials published in the media in the world until the launch of the new collections.
Much attention has been given to projects around the world with products GRAFF®. From New York to Paris, the American brand is synonymous with art and cutting edge design. perfectly reflects the mood GRAFF® becoming a true depiction online company, its personality and values ​​for which it is recognized around the world: high quality of its products and fine finishes, excellent customer service and professionals, both during the planning and realization. The user, architect, installer or private that is, is able to independently investigate the details on the product, download images and save their favorite products.
Among the features that the user registered stands that allows designers, architects and consumers to create and independently manage different virtual projects, maintaining the selected products always "available" within a restricted area and several dedicated folders.
This new section also allows users to download the latest technical information and gives them access to the catalogs and the updated documentation GRAFF®.
Through a system of filters you can search and select products organized by category (bathroom, kitchen, shower and furniture), model, installation or finishing and share information through the social networking channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.
"I think the restyling of the website GRAFF® represents the first step in a more rapid and intuitive from visitors and I think he can offer a much more personal with the world of GRAFF®," said Ziggy Kulig, President and CEO GRAFF.


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