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GRAFF Luna l Society Interiors

Innovative Faucet 

GRAFF, a brand that stands out for its new ideas, unique achievements and exclusive solutions in the faucets industry has launched LUNA. This sleek singular faucet has a distinctive shape, mirror-like finish and a surface with high reflective effect. Equipped with an aerator, the faucet has a flow rate of 5 litres per minute with a 3 bar pressure. available with wall-mounted or deck-mounted handles as a lavatory faucet, the collection also includes an original shower column realling the curve of the spout. This faucet has special Steelnox finish, perfectly fingerprint-proof and very high-performing. The powder coating process, in fact, makes the finish extremely ressitant to scratching and chipping as well as to abrasions, corrosions, discoloration and other problems or wear.