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GRAFF's Ametis Ring Showerhead | Artenews

(Translated from Italian) Being able to invent something new and innovative in an age like ours might seem very difficult, the Swiss designer Davide Oppizzi failed to prove the contrary, that anything is possible in the design, presenting for the company GRAFF, a beautiful shower head ring-shaped, really cutting edge. It's called Ametis Ring, the product that won in December 2014, the interior Design Award for Best Bathroom Accessories, reinventing the aesthetics of a traditional piece, turning it into a modern and unique accessory.

GRAFF is one of the companies that will be present during the Milan Design Week 2015, presenting just that particular object so, where there is an obvious link with nature. The designer was in fact inspired by the movement of the waves, playing with clean lines but at the same time sought.

Engineering and high-tech lighting system to full-spectrum LED RGB color therapy to 6 colors allow the head to give an atmosphere even more relaxing, empty all 'interior is designed so that the rain that comes out is based exactly along the perpendicular drawn from the center of the ring. Made of steel, the head has two distinct functions, "rain", the rain, or the effect of "fall", a waterfall and is available in chrome, black material and black material with matte finish (the latter two made with paint powder).


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