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Ametis Ring by GRAFF | Nuevo Azulejo

Interior Design Steps Into the Bathroom

With the Ametis Ring, winner of the Interior Design Best of Year Award, GRAFF presents the perfect bathroom in Frankfurt, at ISH 2015.

For GRAFF, design is a natural attitude, a passion that has lasted for years and over the years has consolidated, managing to combine ideas, cultures, craftsmanship, materiality and experimentation. In Frankfurt, the company presents its new creation dedicated to the world of the bathroom, able to interpret the design and the home space in a unique language through new formal expressions.

GRAFF offers the full range of one major project that is born from the collaboration with Davide Oppizzi. It is the award-winning Ametis Ring, the latest creation to complement the original design collection for the bathroom and the shower. GRAFF products are true “across-the-board” elements that live in the house and become an integral part of it. Design products that can meet the different tastes of the audience while remaining consistent with their own history and concept. Ametis Ring, winner of the Interior Design Best of Year Award in the Bath Fittings category in December 2014, is certainly an avant-garde project, recognizable by its fluid design and light effect, a representation of the merger between the universe and oceans, almost a futuristic “ode” to high design. The designer Davide Oppizzi was honored in New York inside the Frank Gehry’s IHC Building on the basis of an online voting system attended by architects, design firms and internationally renowned designers. Ametis Ring was selected among over 2,000 exclusive projects

Oppizzi’s intention was to create for GRAFF, a collection of unique items that reveal the deep connection between existence and the nature around us. His approach was undoubtedly one of handicraft and manufacturing, which goes beyond the intrinsic value of the objects relying on the transfer of emotions, inherent in matter, as a living vibration to enjoy in each and every moment. Ametis Ring is a simple but, at the same time, very refined object: the project incorporates many features of high-tech engineering and uses a full-spectrum LED RGB color therapy lighting system with 6 colors. Manufactured in steel for a long-life guarantee, Ametis Ring integrates the LED system that gives the object a new dimension thanks to indirect light, a still not widely used concept in bathroom design.